1. Books:

January 2008: publication of an unpublished manuscript I am editing by Barbara Board, on political events and daily life life in the Palestine Mandate 1943-44, Five Leaves Publications.


2. Articles:

Eureka Literary Magazine, (Eureka College, Illinois), an essay on Jonathan Littell and Norman Manea and their differing attitudes to language.


New Standpoints , Editions Nathan, Paris will be publishing a classfile on Keats’ Ode to Autumn in, of course, the autumn and an essay on Irish writing too..


3. Poetry

SpinDrifter, a Florida-based magazine will be featuring my poetry in an issue some time..  JeanPaul Jenack, the editor is experiencing family problems right now so everything is on hold.


September 2007, poetry reading to the British Association of Women Journalists, spending a week in Deauville.



Recent publications


Non-fiction and travel writing:


Nashwaak Review, New Brunswick, Canada, has just published “Kaleidoscope”, an account of a train journey from Boston to New York. 


The Australian monthly The Quadrant (June 2007) and University of Oregon journal Northwest Review ( US) have just published reviews of mine on Les Bienveillantes, by Jonathan Littell, due out in English translation in the autumn.


Scintilla 2007 has just published my long sequence: “Found in Translation”.

February 2007 edition of London Magazine, “No peace for the furies?”, an essay on American writer Jonathan Littell’s successful and controversial first French novel, Les Bienveillantes .


April-May 2006 edition of London Magazine: review of L.P. Harvey's Muslim Spain 1500 - 1612, Chicago University Press, 2005. This groundbreaking study of the last century of coexistence of Christian and Muslim communities in the Iberian Peninsula has lessons for us all today. 




“Caged in” in Scintilla, March 2006

"Building the Alder Fence", in Poetry Nottingham Issue 59 / 4, February 2006

“Lunch in the Jewish Town Hall, Prague”, Never Bury Poetry, Summer 2006

"Literature of the Mexico-U.S. Border", New Standpoints 27, Editions Nathan, Paris, February 2006

“Class file: Church and State in the US” New Standpoints 28, Editions Nathan, Paris, May 2006



Recent readings

Here, reading in both English and French to a mixed audience in Thénezay, at

L'Arbre du Livre, February

Lecture en bilingue à l’Arbre du Livre, Thénezay, en février 2006

Photo © Beryl Brennan



Plans: March 2007 reading for Printemps des Poètes at the Librairie du Rivage, Royan

                                 reading at L’Oratoire, La Rochelle for Le Salon de la Poésie

                                 reading in Vouvant with the English reading group there.


Recent Competitions

2006 Scintilla Long Poem Competition, commended for Found in Translation, a sequence inspired by a stay in Romania.

2005 Nottingham Open Poetry Competition, Merit Prize "Building the Alder Fence" ( a poem that got written too late for inclusion in Sudden Maraschinos, but it is part of the Kolodno diary sequence... click on Poems and you can read it)

2004 Biscuit Poetry Prize: 5 poems in the Top Ten for Poetry; published in Biscuit Anthology, The Nude is Miss Mae's Bedroom .  I have one or two left at £5. Or through Biscuit Publishing Ltd. See links.

2004 Essex Poetry Festival, commended for "Scented Caraway" Published in Nature and the Spirit, Issue 2, Littoral Press.

2004 Torbay Festival commended for "Moules Marinière». Published in Acumen 51.


Previous readings:


April: Bergerac, with Les Amis de la Poésie

April The Flying Goose Café 7.30 Chilwell, Nottingham 2006

February. Bilingual reading at the book fair, L'Arbre au Livre, Thénezay.

Pour le Printemps des Poètes à Royan, la Librairie Du Rivage organise un rassemblement de poètes, le 11 mars à 18 heures, Bd Aristide Briand,à deux pas du marché



April Exeter Uncut

May at Southend Writers' group with Derek Adams...


2004 March and May, Patio Poétique, La Rochelle, reading in English and French

May, the Bull Theatre, Barnet, launch of Sudden Maraschinos.

La Rochelle June, Patio Poétique, reading as "surprise speaker"

October, Torriano Meeting House, Kentish Town with Dilys Wood.

December, Salisbury House, Enfield

December, Patio Poétique, La Rochelle, readings translations of UA Fanthorpe and Ruth Fainlight. 



A big thank-you to all the groups who have invited me and given me such a warm welcome! Thanks especially to Anne Delperier (Bergerac), Maryvonne Beauchamp and Beryl Brennan ( Thenezay), Ross Bradshaw and John Lucas ( Nottingham), to Dilys Wood, John Rety, Anthony Fisher, (London) François Garros ( La Rochelle), the two Exeter Jameses, Derek Adams (Southend) and Katherine Gallagher (Barnet) for inviting me and / or organising things so well at these various events. Each has been a special occasion for me.