Coming out shortly with Five Leaves Publications in January 2008, my edition of  The Sword Without, reporting from Palestine during the British Mandate (1943-44) as seen through the eyes of a freelance woman journalist working there at the time, Barbara Board. 


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Published December 2004: Tears of Honey and Gold, with Five Leaves Publications, Nottingham


Tears of Honey and Gold is the fruit of the author's long-standing love affair with Spain. For sample poems, see below.


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Guadalupe was a pale postcard.



The asphalt montage



Cafés, cash dispensers

and the grocer:


"They've purified the olives

in our oil."


I looked in at the hotel. No-one

by the pool.


No wonder you didn't

recognize it.


originally published in Never Bury Poetry



In the Bar

In the bar, Aznar, all in blue, mumbles away at us

from his giant screen in the corner. Nobody listens.


The tourist office sells a brochure on

Intolerance in the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. 


Outside, the hills breathe fenugreek and history.

Far below, the river rumbles. Mopeds imitate


angry insects. On the ramparts, an Italian calls "Salute!"

to his sneezing wife. For a second, I hear "Salaam."


A vulture circles over terracotta walls and pale

round Arab tiles. Rounded tail. Thin wing feathers.


Poised, totally indifferent to

the overhead roar of fighter planes. 


He's seen it all before: Romans, Visigoths,

Arab, Berber, Aragonese. Republican. Nationalist.


And now Aznar, mouthing his proud policy in Iraq. 





Sudden Maraschinos published by Redbeck Press. 

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Sudden Maraschinos brings together poetry inspired by several European countries, in particular Sweden and Germany, as well as Kolodno Verses, a sequence written in an isolated village on the Polish-Belarus border where I went in search of my roots. Here is one of those poems, alongside the garden of the cottage where I stayed. Photo "August" © Tomek Wisniewski

Tomek also took the cover photo on the book.



Here the outer world comes


in other people's cars,

smugglers bearing cheap vodka and cigarettes

down narrow lanes from Belarus,

smart young men with red number plates


the day's brief solace.






Swiat pojawia sie tutaj

W samochodach z czrwonymi rejestracjami

Waskimi drogami od Bialorusi

Przemytnicy taniej wodki I papierosow

Przywoza  kilka krotkich chwil ukojenia

Na sprzedaz


Polish translation © by Jarek Mosiejewski




Sudden Maraschinos was shortlisted in the Paris Review Poetry Collection Prize in 2001 and has been twice shortlisted in the Redbeck poetry collection prize as well. Kolodno Verses was commended in the Scintilla Long Poem section 2002




Lady in Red


I am thinking about the lady in red, 

the one right opposite, and wondering

why she interests me – tartan-armoured skirt,

barbed shoes, bullet-proof scarlet,

fisted blond hair, jet-vicious designer bag.


I am wondering too why my day must fill

with other people's conversations, 

her chat on her un- yet umbilical phone,

eyes blank to us sitting here on the edge

of departure, on the brink of a question.


Even so she impresses me. In my padded coat and

comfortable shoes, I know I am inferior. On board,

she picks a tabloid oozing murder and ripe flesh.

Relishes each page of pumped-up breasts and

plastic-covered corpses. But then I watch her turn


her nose from blue rare beef, holding out each

slice to sniff the blood dripping gently

on green beans and plastic tray, before

discarding it. Strange, when I offer her my

Svenska Dagbladet, well-done, she refuses.


Paris Charles de Gaulle - Göteborg

originally published in The Reater



Vilnius 8 a.m.


and the twenty or so restored churches are gleaming

with Unesco gold

when the old Russian woman in her broken mules, old striped socks

gripping her swollen legs, is rushing stool under arm

to her draughty perch in the Orthodox Church archway

and up by the MacDonald's smart new drive-in

someone has thrown water over the night's blood.


A gang of joyful children pull

a sleeping man's shoes off his feet

and drop them with arm-raised cheer in their plastic booty bag.


originally published in Penniless Press